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DNV GL identifies the complex dynamics underway in the industry as the transformation of players (both established and new), energy solutions, and financing. Identities must be redefined. The inputs you assess must be broader than your current sector. Trends and insights around market dynamics, technologies, and strategic complexities require more powerful tools to assess impacts and trade-offs. Are you prepared to redefine YOUR identity? Will you be a leader or ride the waves of change that others create?

The 2018 event represents year two of Convergence, a continuation in our trilogy of Forums that will set the stage and be focused on the dramatic changes driven by new technologies, policies, and competitors all converging on the consumer and shaking up the status quo. DNV GL is planning subsequent Forums around the synchronization of business strategies with market dynamics, followed by a focus on the clarity of new vision that has emerged.

Our Energy Executive Forum will create a blueprint that defines the future of energy’s most distinctive new capabilities. The Convergence of four industries under one roof (Retail Energy Providers, Utilities, Distributed Energy Resources and IoT) will build and define the insights needed to scale your strategies across market and customer segments. These new capabilities are complex and require highly cross-functional combinations of new processes, new tools, new knowledge, new skills, and a refined organization – all put in place to reliably and consistently deliver a particular outcome. You will need a great deal of focus and expertise to blueprint, build, and scale through the new energy dynamic.

We’d like to engage you in this effort. As fellow industry players, we should do our best to eliminate “siloed thinking” and bring executives together. When top level executives put their heads together in one place, amazing things happen. Surprising new connections are made. New ideas spring up. Viewpoints from very different vantage points converge to create mindshare of unique and powerful executive-level insights and a clearer perspective of the market.



What is Convergence?

Convergence: DNV GL’s definition of the complex dynamics transforming the energy industry. It is the collision of players across key sectors (Internet of Things companies, utilities, retail energy providers, and distributed energy resource providers), where leaders are re-examining old business models and exploring new strategies. No single player or sector has all the answers, and examining the next business model is critical—allowing companies to navigate these converging dynamics around customer adoption trends, emerging technologies and digitization, financing, and risk.

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Who's Going

A gathering of executives, across sectors.

When top executives get out of their silos and put their heads together, amazing things happen. Surprising new connections are made. New ideas spring up. Different vantage points, combined, lead to a clearer perspective on market shifts. There is simply no replacement for it.

Our mix of attendees includes Director-level and above executives across retail energy, distributed energy, utilities, and a broad category of the Internet of Things—that is, all the verticals seeking to redefine energy through new technologies and services.

Forum Sponsorships

If you are interested in becoming a 2018 Forum sponsor, please contact us today. Given the exclusive nature of the Energy Executive Forum, there are only a limited number of sponsorship opportunities still available.