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We’re out to advance competitive energy. Will you join us?

There’s been a lot of talk in the competitive energy space with no shortage of buzzwords and slick PowerPoint presentations about the latest trends. Meanwhile, the challenges facing us continue to multiply.

Discovering the Next Big Thing to advance in competitive energy is imperative. And it’s doable. But it’s going to take all of us working together. Whether we’re competitive energy veterans, new entrants or regulators, we need to speak with one voice to catalyze innovation that benefits customers. We must think outside our individual sectors. And most of all, we need to transform trends into actionable strategies.

Industry Advocates will catalyze momentum and continuity

Some of the biggest and most successful competitive energy providers in North America will help facilitate and catalyze our conversations on what’s next. They understand that the only way competitive energy can thrive is through collective action. That means all of us working closely together with stakeholders to find new ways to drive innovation. It means connecting ideas from outside our individual silos and being a meaningful contributor to the communities we serve.

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Explore what's next with our Forum Partners

The content at this year’s forum will center around the most pressing variables facing competitive energy. Together, we’ll delve into these intertwining topics, realizing the importance of all these variables working cohesively together to advance competitive energy forward. We’ll compare different data points and perspectives to develop a unified vision of the future.

Business Model Innovation

We'll explore the latest issues and developments behind the meter and how to create new competitive strategies to survive and thrive.

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There’s no shortage of data. Our challenge now is to determine what data is most relevant and how to glean insights from it to enhance the customer experience and drive results.

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Customer Centricity

Understanding customer behaviors and preferences, especially today behind the meter, is a constant and evolutionary element of competitive supply.

Regulatory Advancement

How do we get more Texases? Where does the regulatory environment create opportunities for competitive energy to thrive? How can we work with regulators as partners to find a balance that benefits customers and your bottom line?

Who's Going

A gathering of executives across sectors

The Energy Executive Forum is a gathering of C-suite executives actively engaged in defining the future of energy. It is not a trade show. Our energy executive community finds value in the open interchange of ideas across a spectrum of industry sectors, from leading energy providers, to investors, brokers, technology companies and other players, or as one past event attendee said:

“It’s invaluable, I just don’t think you can have in our industry a forum that has this level of engagement and this level of senior leadership all in one place.”

The Forum offers valuable insights into industry trends, the latest market update on the energy landscape, and efficiently schedule private meetings. It is the best available opportunity to stay ahead of the competitive energy market, meet the industry’s leading players and get deals done.