Outside Energy: A DNV GL Podcast

So much of the energy future is about elevating products and services away from being just a commodity. But at the most fundamental level, an electron is just an electron – right? Not so fast. In this episode, Amar Pradhan of IBM’s Energy and Utilities Group speaks to the opportunities in creating a more valuable electron based on its source and customer preferences. In a word – it’s about provenance.



The Energy Executive Forum Overview

The 2016 Forum, held outside Miami, brought together several hundred top energy players to understand the changes happening in the market, network, and openly address strategies for dealing with an uncertain and converging energy landscape.

Convergence Pulse

What can Internet Providers Learn From Utilities?

On November 6th, huge swaths of the Internet went dark for about 90 minutes. The cause turned out to be human error traced to something referred to as a “route leak”. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use Autonomous Systems (ASes) to track data that travels through different networks. On the 6th, the route leak occurred when... Continue Reading »

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