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New customers. Partnering rivals. Outside players invading new territory. Energy is changing in surprising and unpredictable ways. Connect with us every other week as DNV GL leadership shares perspectives and opinions on the converging energy landscape. 

What can Internet Providers Learn From Utilities?

On November 6th, huge swaths of the Internet went dark for about 90 minutes. The cause turned out to be human error traced to something referred to as a “route leak”. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use Autonomous Systems (ASes) to track data that travels through different networks. On the 6th,

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Re-write the energy playbook before someone else does

Anyone who has spent time in London has ridden in a classic Black Cab—a knowledgeable driver, courteous and reliable service, reasonably priced. And a business model that’s in serious trouble: Despite a recent court ruling revoking Uber’s London license, the trend towards cheaper fares enabled by app-guided navigation may be

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Welcome to the era of energy abstraction

There’s a lot of talk in the energy sector about a new era of customer choice. Finally, companies can offer not just different kinds of energy, but new tools that make managing it easy. These new offerings are exciting, but they all rest on a common assumption: that customers want

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Millennials are Powering Change in Energy

At our Energy Executive Forum in 2015, many of you may recall discussing millennials, referring to them as renters, cord cutters, digital natives, stay-at-home types, and preferring access to ownership. Millennials are the largest generation in US history (bigger than the “boomers”), with radically different value systems and behaviors than

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Partner or die? Strategies for the Convergence.

Should I look to form a strategic alliance? And if so, with whom? This question is on the minds of many energy executives looking for ways to survive—and thrive—in the energy Convergence. As just one recent example, Google and Walmart have announced a partnership that brings together Walmart’s huge retail

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Amazon – friend or foe for energy retailers?

As we’re navigating the Convergence, one company name keeps popping up into our conversations: Amazon. Amazon’s achievement goes far beyond being a top global retailer. They have redesigned (i.e. disrupted) the direct-to-consumer business model and transformed the marketplace. Amazon’s fast delivery model (distribution), Prime program (consumer loyalty) and Fulfillment program

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Should my mortgage include energy costs?

Sonnen recently announced a deal that brings the energy Convergence into sharp focus—on real estate. Through a contract with an Arizona homebuilder, Sonnen’s battery systems will be integrated with rooftop solar on new homes. Homebuyers won’t have to worry about getting separate financing for their solar panels or their battery

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We should all learn to think like Coca-Cola

I am convinced that the value in continuing the Convergence conversation is to understand not only the implications of events within our industry, but to look beyond the Energy space to form unexpected connections, identify unexpected opportunities. You have likely read about Volvo announcing to offer electric and hybrid car

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Is corporate energy procurement the new normal?

While the DNV GL 2017 Energy Executive Forum in Dana Point, CA has come and gone, what has remained top-of-mind for me is the importance of keeping the Convergence conversation going. In today’s disruptive energy environment, cross-sector perspective is a powerful advantage. In the aftermath of the United States’ exit

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