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The Energy Executive Forum
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The Forum brings together a select group of energy sector leaders.
Together we share insights, debate new market trends, and work together.

The Energy Executive forum 2018

Opening Remarks by Ditlev Engel

CEO of Energy, DNV GL

2018 Keynote Speakers

Peter Guber

Chairman and CEO
Mandalay Entertainment Group

Geoffrey Moore

Author, Speaker, Advisor

2018 Panel Topics

Panel 1

Energy Choices: The Customer-Focus Imperative

We’re accelerating into a new era of customer choice for residential, communal and commercial/industrial (C&I) customers. This new era is marked by three major trends: Decentralization. Decarbonization. Electrification. By 2050, well over 80 percent of electricity in the U.S. will be generated by renewable resources. With the support of battery storage, demand response and microgrids, solar will grow 80-fold, creating new opportunities for customers and suppliers.

Consumer are demanding more choices and their energy preferences are changing rapidly, some segments and regions more rapidly than others. What are energy providers doing to navigate these intersecting trends and how have they plotted their strategies according to changing customer mindsets, behaviors and priorities? Supported by real-world experiences, fact-based insight, and forecasts, we’ll create a clearer picture of how business strategies are adapting to changing market dynamics.

Panel 2

Smart Homes & Buildings: Technologies and Customer Drivers

Current technologies are already exceeding projected business expectations, and will only accelerate as a pack of powerful tech players run full tilt at connecting devices to homes and businesses. Today, new technologies are giving customers better tools and insights into energy management—changing the way they make purchase and usage decisions.

Businesses are discovering ways to think beyond technical gadgetry to focus instead on the outcomes residential and C&I customers are actually looking for (i.e. air conditioning or lower energy bills, versus kilowatt hours). Within the context of smart buildings, we’ll examine the rapid rise of products using artificial intelligence, the expected flattening of demand growth due to energy efficiency improvements, and the bundling of products and services that are having real success.

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Panel 3

Transportation: Hitting the Electric Gas Pedal

Electric vehicles (EV) are expected to achieve cost-performance parity with conventional light vehicles within 5 years, a shift that will accelerate their adoption towards 50 percent of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. by 2030. EVs are becoming the future transportation that customers demand—efficient, low cost, clean, and most critically, electric. But, how will companies from competing industries adapt and thrive in this new and uncertain terrain?

Today’s competing businesses are beginning to create a better roadmap for the future, circumvent the obstacles, and are on a path to succeed by focusing on customers. While there will be unexpected turns in the road, DNV GL and our panel of EV transportation experts will paint a clear picture of what’s happening right now, what’s coming soon, and what strategies to consider in this dynamic market.

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Panel 4

Innovation and Investment

Today’s top venture capitalists active in the energy space bring something uniquely valuable to the table: they are not only willing to take daring risks to advance innovation—it’s their core business. The unknown, the unseen and the unexpected are their playground. To make their visions a reality, and arrive at the future better prepared to dominate, they combine entrepreneurial drive, confidence, insight and leadership. What can we learn from them that can be applied towards our own businesses?

What are the data-driven insights that make them confident in their short-term and long-term investments? What kinds of innovative products and services do they think customers will be clamoring for in a few years—and how do they know? Hear from some of the most prominent energy venture capitalists in North America to discover their perspectives on the role of investment and innovation in creating the energy future.


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