The Energy Executive Forum
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The 2017 Forum—held in May— brought together a select group of energy sector leaders. Together we shared insights, debated new market trends, and worked together to understand what success looks like through the energy Convergence.

The Energy Executive forum 2017

2017 Keynote Speakers

George Blankenship

Former executive at Tesla Motors, Apple Computer and GAP Inc.

Lawrence Makovich

IHS Vice President and Chief Power Strategist

David Duncan

Senior Partner, Innosight

2017 Session Topics

Keynotes & Workshops

Convergence Study Workshop
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Wednesday Opening Remarks
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Wednesday Opening Keynote
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Wednesday Dinner Keynote
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Thursday Opening Keynote
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Special Workshop - Solar & Storage Strategies
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Special Workshop - Retail Energy Strategies
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Session 1: Your Next Customer: Building a Narrative-Driven Brand Strategy

We’ll explore how a transformation in brand strategy needs to be inside-out for it to be authentic, meaningful, and relevant. New company identities will need to be formulated and clearly communicated in ways that resonate with customers and ultimately drive new business strategies from inception to adoption and share-of-choice.

Session Keynote
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Session 2: 10-Year Technology Trends

Once upon a time, business moved at the speed of fax machines and dial up internet. Information was hard to find and even harder to aggregate. Welcome to the new normal, where small ideas can spark and disrupt huge organizations. If you can’t innovate quickly, someone else can. Your customers, your market share, and your employees are all up for grabs. You have a choice at a critical time in the energy sector…you can disrupt your own organization, try new things, learn from the experiments, pivot, or preserve. Or you can allow someone else’s first move shape how you catch up.

Session Keynote
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Session 3: Big 4 Retail Energy Providers

The migration of retail energy continues. From commodity only, to energy solutions, to solar, storage and customer controlled-demand. Where are Retail Markets heading? Since 2014, retail markets have gone through 179 M&A deals. What will be the new identity of retailers?

Session Keynote
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Session 4: Energy Storage – Transforming The Pace Of Your Energy Strategies

As energy storage applications, value propositions, and costs evolve, they no longer sit at the margin for early adopter demonstration projects. Energy storage solutions are at a critical inflection point, where delivering customer value intersects with your solution strategies. How you maximize your capabilities to harness potential energy storage opportunities is more crucial than ever in a converging energy landscape.

Session Keynote
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Panelist Presntations:
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Session 5: New Wholesale Dynamics

This session will focus on current dynamics in wholesale and how they must change to keep up with current and future end user products & services. Synchronizing the old with the new will be incredibly important to meet the changing shape of consumer demand, requiring wholesale markets to be adaptive and flexible in a new landscape of players and market dynamics.

Session Keynote
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Session 6: Utility Of The Future: Truth Or Dare

As energy technologies evolve, utilities are going to be fundamentally transformed by the potential value and functionalities that emerge. In this outside-in perspective session, we will dig into the concepts around the upcoming disruptions, potential spin-offs, strategic partnerships, and commercialization opportunities.

Session Keynote
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Session 7: Frontier Strategies: Emergence Of The SuperCompetitor

Consumers aren’t as loyal to brands as they once were. They expect to be served when, where, and how they want. Nimble competitors with innovative business models emerge from unexpected places. Many of those competitors pose a formidable challenge to established players at an increasingly fast pace. The business value chains have become more complex than ever before. With such rapid changes in both external and internal environment, strategic planning needs rethinking – different structures, different processes, and different timelines.

Session 8: Collaboration & Networks: Translating Opportunity to Reality

Companies navigating the energy Convergence each have distinctive focus, velocity, and goals around their capabilities, their scaling ambitions, their funding, their demand generation, and ultimately, adoption strategies for their products & services. Translating your business strategy into reality has more potential signposts, drivers, and contingencies than ever before. Assessing who you will compete against, partner or acquire requires some important discussions about how, where, and when to evolve to optimize your goals.

Session Keynote
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