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Outside Energy: An Energy Executive Forum Podcast

The amount of buzz surrounding connected “smart” homes keeps getting louder, but how do we separate the hype from something customers are actually ready for? We hear that connected homes can arm our alarm systems remotely, our refrigerators can order more milk when they notice we’re running low, dog beds can ping our phones when it’s time to take Fido for a walk. And the fact that the last bit about the dog beds is complete fiction proves how hard it is to separate truth from dreaming. The reality is there are only a few companies that are making progress in the world of connected homes, and one of them is Nest. Join us for a fascinating conversation with Jeff Hamel, Head of Energy Partnerships at Nest Labs. P.S. If someone invents the smart dog bed, we want a piece of it.



Distilled Insights from Past Forums

Every year of the Forum we handpick some of the brightest visionaries in attendance to share their unique perspectives on camera. These video clips, now spanning multiple years of the Forum, provide distilled insights on emerging market trends, exciting new business models, and road cones to watch out for as executives plan their next steps. Dive in and take a look.

Executive Pulse

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DNV GL's Energy Transition Outlook

DNV GL recently released its Energy Transition Outlook (ETO), A global and regional forecast of the energy transition to 2050. Watch video from DNV GL leading experts and download the report below.