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Outside Energy: An Energy Executive Forum Podcast

If you’ve ever gotten behind the wheel of an electric car, you know they’re the future. So what happens to our nation’s electrical infrastructure when there are millions of them on the road? How are forward thinking utilities planning to thrive in the world where an overwhelming portion of their revenue–and capacity requirements–will come from electric vehicles? Equally important, what can we learn from the adoption curve of other tech-driven innovations, like solar? Check out this podcast to learn from energy executive, who’s a driver of creating the future for his company: Jacob Susman, VP, Head of Origination for EDF Renewable Energy.

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DNV GL's Energy Transition Outlook

DNV GL recently released its Energy Transition Outlook (ETO), a global and regional forecast of the energy transition to 2050. Watch the video from DNV GL’s leading experts and download the report below.