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New customers. Partnering rivals. Outside players invading new territory. Energy is changing in surprising and unpredictable ways. Learn as DNV GL shares perspectives and opinions on the converging energy landscape and topics pertinent to the Energy Executive Forum.

One Electric Vehicle = A lot of microwave ovens

When is an electric vehicle like a microwave? When people plug them in at home. To get technical, a microwave is typically rated at 1-1.6 kW (110V, 15 A). A charger for a car on a 220V circuit at 30 A is 6.6 kW. A 50 A charger would be

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The customer of the future is engaged

Utilities, retail energy providers, distributed energy providers, technology companies: on the surface, they are very different, with unique business models, resources, and areas of expertise. But ultimately their business is to enable customers to conveniently and economically carry out their daily tasks—whether it is washing their family’s clothes or moving

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What does it take to compete when energy costs go to zero?

Recently, a client asked DNV GL Energy’s CEO, Ditlev Engel, “What does it take to compete when the cost of energy goes to zero?” The question was rhetorical of course, but contained an element of sincerity. Why? Because now that the efforts to make energy cleaner, less costly, and more

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Harnessing the power of smart buildings for energy management

Smart buildings. Smart homes. These terms come up a lot in a variety of circles and in many different contexts: energy providers use it when they refer to energy use or savings, technology companies talk about it in reference to the Internet of Things, architects talk about it when discussing

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Smart thermostats: the gateway drug to true energy choice

Today, the choices consumers make about energy use are mostly based on how much and when energy is used, within a relatively limited framework. Energy choice tomorrow will mean something much different – technologies will enable consumers to decide how much energy they use, when they use it, what price

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Bitcoin energy hogs in the post-middleman era

There’s been a lot of news involving Bitcoin recently, the cryptocurrency that’s skyrocketing in value. But what really got me thinking about Bitcoin was hearing that the world’s first waste-to-energy crypto-mine had opened. Entrepreneurs built their very own plant to power the mega-computers needed to create money out of thin

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The truck-sized EV regulatory challenge

Elon Musk is at it again—this time with his sleek bullet-shaped, multi-electric engined, nuclear bomb-proof glass equipped rocket of a semi truck. You look at the launch video and it’s easy to think (yet again) “this is so cool.” Walmart, DHL and other major truck purchasers agree, with numerous pre-orders

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What can Internet Providers Learn From Utilities?

On November 6th, huge swaths of the Internet went dark for about 90 minutes. The cause turned out to be human error traced to something referred to as a “route leak”. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use Autonomous Systems (ASes) to track data that travels through different networks. On the 6th,

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Re-write the energy playbook before someone else does

Anyone who has spent time in London has ridden in a classic Black Cab—a knowledgeable driver, courteous and reliable service, reasonably priced. And a business model that’s in serious trouble: Despite a recent court ruling revoking Uber’s London license, the trend towards cheaper fares enabled by app-guided navigation may be

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