Podcasts 2019


Outside Energy

An Energy Executive Forum Podcast

If you’ve ever gotten behind the wheel of an electric car, you know they’re the future. So what happens to our nation’s electrical infrastructure when there are millions of them on the road?

How are forward-thinking utilities planning to thrive in the world where an overwhelming portion of their revenue–and capacity requirements–will come from electric vehicles? Equally important, what can we learn from the adoption curve of other tech-driven innovations, like solar? Check out this podcast to learn from energy executive, who’s a driver of creating the future for his company: Jacob Susman, VP, Head of Origination for EDF Renewable Energy.

Fill a room with one hundred energy executives and ask them what “utility of the future” means, and you’re likely to get one hundred different answers. And each one could be right. But there are a few things everyone would agree on: the utility of the future won’t operate like those of the past, or even those of the present; in fact, it may operate like a business completely outside the energy sector. How are forward thinking utilities envisioning new business models and cities of the future? Equally important, what are they doing today to plan ahead and gain strategic advantage? Check out this podcast to learn from a top utility executive who’s in the process of creating the future for his company: Carlos Nouel, VP of New Energy Solutions at National Grid.

The amount of buzz surrounding connected “smart” homes keeps getting louder, but how do we separate the hype from something customers are actually ready for? We hear that connected homes can arm our alarm systems remotely, our refrigerators can order more milk when they notice we’re running low, dog beds can ping our phones when it’s time to take Fido for a walk. And the fact that the last bit about the dog beds is complete fiction proves how hard it is to separate truth from dreaming. The reality is there are only a few companies that are making progress in the world of connected homes, and one of them is Nest. Join us for a fascinating conversation with Jeff Hamel, Head of Energy Partnerships at Nest Labs. P.S. If someone invents the smart dog bed, we want a piece of it.

As virtual currencies like Bitcoin and others begin to make their way into both popular culture and sophisticated financial conversations, there’s been increasing talk about blockchain and other technologies that make these virtual currencies not just possible but maybe inevitable. But what exactly is blockchain – and what could it possibly have to do with energy? Turns out, quite a lot. In this week’s episode, our guest Wim Brouwer, Marketing Manager at TOBLOCKCHAIN, will dig deeper into why we should all be considering blockchain in our business models. Tune in to learn more.

Energy experts are envisioning an amazing future, with greater use of EVs, renewables, batteries and emerging technologies—but the fate of the future may well be in the hands of leaders outside energy: politicians, and even more so—educators. In this episode, we’ll interview Gabe Phillips, Managing Director of GP Energy Management, to get his take on how politics, regulation and education can help us make a bright energy future a reality. When customers and regulators truly understand the retail energy choices available to them, who benefits? What’s the role of political influence on those choices? Tune in to learn more.

If smart vehicles become sophisticated enough to drive like fish swim—not needing stop signs, traffic lights or lanes—could our existing highway infrastructure meet demand for the next century? What is the equivalent for today’s energy infrastructure? Why are we talking with customers about kilowatt hours when all they care about are outcomes? These are a few of the questions posed by Sayun Sukduang, CEO of ENGIE Resources, in this podcast episode that explores the intersection of customer mindsets and emerging energy technologies.

Everyone in the energy industry is trying to figure out what the tipping point will be for energy storage to become widespread—but the answer may be found outside energy. Moore’s Law predicted that computing would dramatically increase in power and decrease in cost, at an exponential pace. What was true for computer chips could also hold true for storage as more power gets packed into smaller footprints. In this week’s episode, Davion Hill paints a picture of this and other key factors poised to bring energy storage in the US to a whole new level. Currently Storage Lead at DNV GL, Davion is also a NY Best Board member and Chairman Emeritus at NAATBatt International.

So much of the energy future is about elevating products and services away from being just a commodity. But at the most fundamental level, an electron is just an electron – right? Not so fast. In this episode, Amar Pradhan of IBM’s Energy and Utilities Group speaks to the opportunities in creating a more valuable electron based on its source and customer preferences. In a word – it’s about provenance.

One of the great drivers of the energy transformation we’ve all been hearing about is distributed generation – and everyone wants a piece of that market. The demand may be there, but the financial models are still lagging behind. Jeff McAulay, Co-Founder of Energetic Insurance, explores how new insurance models can be the key to cracking this market open for utilities, retailers, and developers.

As the Internet of things (IoT) enters energy, there’s an increasing need for a system to manage all of these interconnected devices. This creates new opportunities for competitors outside energy to successfully enter your market. Ryan Wartena, director of product for Growing Energy Labs Inc. (GELI), speaks about the “Internet of Energy” and how it’s creating competition and new opportunities from surprising places.

From blockchain, to the sharing economy, freemium services, to artificial intelligence and robotics, the innovations that are changing our world will soon be coming to energy (or are already here). Join DNV GL as we look outside our sector to make the surprising connections that will drive our industry forward.