Special Convergence Workshop

A Special Workshop

Where: Monarch Beach Resort (room to be announced)
When: Tuesday, May 16th from 9:00am – 12:00pm
Who: Attendance is open to all EEF attendees

Fee: Waived (requires registration to the Forum)

Join us for this special scenario-based Convergence planning workshop with DNV GL experts to learn how our framework and tools can assist you in navigating the decisions you are faced with in a converging landscape. This workshop will serve as an introduction to DNV GL’s ground breaking study that explores how a broad range of sectors and key players are developing vision and mission-critical strategies to address and anticipate the customer’s needs in this converging landscape.

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Convergence: How to Decipher the Signposts

You may think you’ve seen it all before. You haven’t. For those firms trying to make their money by serving residential households, there has never been a bigger or more important convergence of competitors, technologies, and changing lifestyles in the home. This is Convergence: and once you recognize it, you have to figure out how to prosper within it.

The energy industry is not isolated from the rest of the economy. We fully expect that the Convergence companies will interact in new and interesting ways. We also expect that other, non-energy sectors compete for the nascent customer value areas that will be up for grabs in the coming decade. There are many ways this Convergence could unfold, and together, we can help identify the scenarios are the most likely to occur.

We know that business success begins with unusual insight and confident action – but in times like these, how do we recognize what to do, when so much is changing so quickly?

    At DNV GL, we can show you how your business can survive and prosper through this storm of converging forces. In a special half-day event just before the Energy Executive Forum, we will gather to:
  • Look at the past Convergences in other industries and the lessons learned
  • Demonstrate how some traditional industry assumptions have become obsolete, and how some common industry predictions are unsound
  • Illustrate the terrible costs of “business as usual” and “wait & see” strategies
  • Reveal critical facts, key relationships, and vital, surprising consequences
  • Show how thinking differently can guide you to better decisions

This is an interactive, executive level workshop where together, we will construct a scenario-based framework to explore the drivers, signposts and triggers of the Convergence. The session will be led by our team of DNV GL and outside experts who have been conducting research and developing tools in this field for several decades, and who have come together in the last year to conduct research available nowhere else to develop Convergence Thinking.

Special Convergence Workshop

Missed our webinar & Q&A?

We conducted a 45 minute webinar with additional background and detail on this special workshop and study.
Download the presentation here.

Please join us for this special half-day event, and come away with a new way of looking at our industry.

We’re providing this special workshop AT NO CHARGE for Forum registrants, because we believe it will put the rest of the Forum in proper perspective.

Join us at this special session

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Special Convergence Workshop

Kristie Deiuliis
Vice President, Energy Markets