Who’s Going.

All of us are smarter than any one of us.

When top level executives get out of their silos and put their heads together in one place, amazing things happen. Surprising new connections are made. New ideas spring up. Viewpoints from very different vantage points converge to create a clearer perspective of the market. Newsletters, websites, trade magazines all have their value in keeping the industry current. But there simply is no replacement for the unique insight that occurs when really smart people become smarter together.

Our mix of attendees includes director level or above executives within retail energy, distributed energy, utilities, and a broad category of the Internet of Things—businesses seeking to redefine energy through new technologies and services.

Who’s Going?
“We’re all going after the same customer. Having everyone in one place, and having this base and opportunity to have these conversations, it’s really what allows that magical value.”
Carlos Nouel, Leader of New Energy Solutions, National Grid

At the Energy Executive Forum 2017, utility executives can gain a deeper understanding of how Convergence is changing the energy industry and find insights into new business models that reduce risk and improve customer value.

Distributed Energy
Whether distributed energy companies are offering rooftop solar, storage solutions, or energy management systems, they often run into the stone walls of fluctuating policy, utility push-back, or simply a very stubborn status quo. At this year’s Forum, energy executives can gain the insights (and connections) required to overcome obstacles and meet their objectives.

“We need to find better, smarter, faster ways to go to market to not just maintain the distribution environment that we have, but to better serve customers, and to build complementary products, and services for the consumer who is exercising choice. If we don’t serve them, they will make a choice that takes them elsewhere.”
Michael Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer, Sunrun
“I think it’s a really important conference just to get you to think outside of the box, to think about the future, not focus only on the day-to-day and the operations of the business.”
Scott Hudson, COO, TXU

Retail Energy
Today’s retail energy companies are often competing with newcomers offering value and solutions to the same customer targets. At this year’s Forum, retailers can make connections with other C-suite executives across industry sectors, seek out partnerships, and gain the insights needed to successfully navigate the Convergence.

Internet of Things
In an era where electric cars can power households, thermostats take voice commands, and large technology companies are selling renewable energy, the concept of Convergence has special relevance for a whole new range of players. It’s no secret that energy is ripe for reinvention. The question is, what types of new technologies will bring the greatest value to consumers who now have more control over their energy use than ever before?
At this year’s Forum, DNV GL will explore new business models that incorporate new ways of thinking about energy and consumers.

“This has been phenomenal at getting people together from all different aspects, from the generation side from the retailers, the supply, the hedging software. It’s been great.”
Joshua Paradise, Current Ambassador, Current GE